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Taking A Deep Breath

Posted by QueenTalkLA on 11/6/2019 to Health and Wellness
Air Quality Is The Key Phrase This Month. 
How Are You Protecting Yourself From The Quality of Air Your Expose To?

Top 4 Herbs Nov. 2019 :

1. Chlorophyll- Blood Purifier 
Amazing Taken Weekly To Boost Immune System 

2. Black Seed Oil-  Anti-Viral 
Immune Defense 
This Product Taste Like Dirt But Is Amazing For Your Cell Structure and Defense Response. 
Recommend Chasing With Orange Juice. 
Always Consult Physician With Health Concerns 

3. Mullein- Break Down Mucus 
Are You Fighting A Cold or Cough?
Protect Your Body By Removing Mucus Within The System 

4. Sea Moss- High Mineral Content 
92/102 Minerals Needed To Self Heal 
Cold Season Must